Vitae Proelium out now

1. Windtro
2. Vitae Proelium
3. El Cantar de las Hojas
4. Inner Chaos
5. Dances of the Soul
6. Amissi
7. Frater Mortis
8. Lautir
9. Arevaci
10. Verna
11. Un Lugar
12. Quimera
13. Omnia in Anima Manent

Available in:
Equilibrium, Steinklang, Bandcamp (digital), Tipo, Diskpol, Rara Avis.

Release date: December 2012.

· Olga: piano, vocals, composition & arrangements
· Pilar: cello, vocals
· Rubén: drums, flutes, whistles, vocals
· Fernando: drums
· Carmen: oboe

Recorded and mixed by Aura Noctis jul-oct 2012. Mastered early november 2012 by Frederic Chaplain. Released by In The Morning Side Records. Cover artwork and layout design by Phlegeton Art Studio. Front cover image based on the work “Hope” by G.F.Watts.

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