Upcoming new album ‘Solo Piano’

On March 4th, I will release a solo piano album, recorded in the studio of pianist Carlos Marques. These are not new pieces, but rather solo piano versions of songs that I have released over the years, some more recent and others older. It was something I had pending. The last concert I performed this past December was a push that encouraged me to make this decision, as some members of the audience expressed their desire to continue listening to what they had just heard. However, when they search for my music, they find different versions for more instruments and not for solo piano.

So, I asked Carlos to reserve a date for me to record in his studio, and right at the beginning of the year, we were already recording. Carlos is a pianist and composer with a unique style, and you can find his music here. I got to know him through the Madrid Piano Meetups project, where people who love the piano come together.

I will notify through social media and here when it is available. Stay tuned, thank you very much!

Concert at the Ateneo de Madrid – Christmas 2023

On December 13th, I had the opportunity play live at the ‘La Cacharrería’ hall of the ‘Ateneo de Madrid‘. I performed my own compositions, as well as some pieces by Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Satie, and Prokofiev.

It was a true pleasure to play in such an iconic venue, in such a beautiful hall with an intimate atmosphere enhanced by warm lighting, and above all, accompanied by such a wonderful audience. If the opportunity arises again, I will undoubtedly repeat. I take this chance to express my gratitude to all the people who attended for their presence and support.

I’m sharing some videos and the poster below. The sound was recorded ‘live,’ so the quality is limited:

'Ateneo de Madrid' concert - Christmas 2023

Update to November 2023

If I had waited little longer, I would have let a year pass without updating this… 😅

The highlight of these past months was the concert we performed in April. At the end of this post, I’ll leave some pictures, and here you have a few videos:

As always, it’s an honor for me to be able to count on Carmen on the oboe and Susana on the cello, who create magic with their brilliant performances and build a great combination, both with each other and with the piano. The percussion adds the strength that the music demands at certain moments.

In this concert, Mar Cabello made her debut as a vocalist, and I hope this is the beginning of a long collaboration in the project. From the first minute, there has been a special connection, particularly in some songs like Stay, which seems directly composed for her voice. I hope to have her in future projects, both concerts and recordings. Bea was absent due to COVID and could not collaborate on this occasion.

Additionally, I will soon be offering a solo piano concert at the iconic Ateneo de Madrid, invited by a colleague from the Madrid Piano Meetups association.

As always, I continue to work on new compositions, although at the moment, I don’t have a date for upcoming releases (you can request to be notified if you wish).

Until next time 🙂

New album ‘Hiems Aeterna’ out now

I’m very happy to announce that ‘Hiems Aeterna’ is out now 😀

It’s available on streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music…) and for digital download (Bandcamp). Hard copies will be available [Update: available now!] in Big Cartel. I finally ordered a few copies and hope to receive them within this week.

It contains 12 tracks. Some of them are new compositions and some others are the studio versions of tracks contained in our previous live album En Directo 2015. Some are instrumental and some have vocals, either in English, Spanish or Latin (you can see the lyrics here). Tracklist:

  1. Siberia
  2. Longing for Hope
  3. Drops
  4. Descubre
  5. Dreaming in Darkness
  6. Trisolgy
  7. Sola Dryas
  8. Cracovia
  9. Stay
  10. Changing Moods
  11. Ojos vacíos
  12. Solsticio

You can also see the lyrics and some info about each song in Bandcamp.

I hope you enjoy this release. Thank you very much 🙂

Upcoming news

There’s been a long time without posting any news here. I would like to clarify that I’ve never stopped making music and hopefully I never will. The last post was from 2016 so let’s summarize a bit. Between 2017 and 2021 I could not dedicate time to this project for several reasons, I was finishing my music studies and I had some other personal and work issues I had to focus on that left me no time for anything else.

At the beginning of 2022 the band came together again to perform live in Madrid. It was announced on the Spanish site. The following months after the performance I was working on its video / audio editing. You can watch almost the whole performance in this YouTube playlist. And some pictures below, too.

The following months I focused on composing, recording, producing and mixing songs.

Now I’m very happy to announce that I’m about to release a new album. It’s called Hiems Aeterna (Eternal Winter) and it has been entirely recorded and produced in my home studio. It will contain new compositions and the studio versions of some of the songs contained in our previous live album En Directo 2015.

It will be released on digital platforms (Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube Music, Amazon Music…) on 30th January 2023. CDs are falling out of use. However, I’m considering producing some hard copies as well, for the people who still prefer CDs and maybe for promotional use. If any of you would be interested in hard copies, I would love to know.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned 🙂


Some pictures of our performance on 28 January 2022 (click to full size):

Live in Espacio Ronda pictures

Some pictures of our last performance in Espacio Ronda. We will soon upload videos, too!

Review in Gothic Paradise – En Directo 2015

Review published in Gothic Paradise on March, 28, 2016, about our latest album “En Directo 2015”. Thank you very much!!

After silence for a couple of years from this project it was a great pleasure to receive word of this new release. I’m not usually a fan of “live” albums where the band just captures a bunch of tracks from one or two given live performances. Once in a while you get a gem out of these like The Cure’s live version of “A Forest” and other similar treats. However, I was very pleased to see that while you still get the applause from the audience mixed in with the tracks, the actual songs themselves are clear and pure with no added background nosie, echo, muffling or distortion from the live recording or venue. It is simply a clear and pure acoustic set of beautiful music performed to perfection and absolutely magical that will have true classical musicians and fans swooning as you listen. In fact, the other added bonus is that you can watch this entire performance on a companion DVD that is well recorded, capturing the artists in all their splendor and the music as clear as ever, mixed perfectly for a really nice touch.

On this new classical masterpiece we have a great selection of tracks, spanning thirteen pieces and lasting about an hour. As you watch the video and / or listen to the music, you can get the feeling of being there in the intimate venue as the stunning music permeates the soul. We have a selection of all new music not appearing on previous releases as well as those we’ve enjoyed before, some with a slightly different twist to them in this live venue. “Viajes” starts off the album and if you’re watching the video you get the information that this nine-minute track is actually three different movements, each beautiful and moving as the sweet piano remains the anchor while the caressing cello and weeping oboe come together and are moved along by the subtle and somber percussion. This provides a great introduction to the album and opens and sets the stage for the magical hour that is to follow.

The album is comprised of one dreamy neo-classical piece after another with some standing out as favorites as with previous releases. For those looking for a familiar sound on this live album, we’re treated with “Omnia” and “Progresiva” a few tracks in as their familiar melody rings out in captivating style. “El Cantar de las Hojas” is one of those familiar, yet presented slightly different than we’ve heard before with spoken word at the beginning before the lilting vocals pick up and hold the listener entranced throughout the rest of the song. The final piece that rings familiar is “Inner Chaos” with it’s appropriate name as the intensity picks up with this piece across driving soundscapes.

Favorites among the newly introduced pieces are hard to single out as the entire album is full of one great masterpiece after another. We have the inclusion of vocal pieces like before with the inclusion of a definite favorite in “Furor Et Luctus” as Beatriz’s siren-like vocals come out enchanting and beautiful as a perfect mix with the spellbinding music. After a few familiar tunes we’re presented with the hauntingly simplistic “Drops”. This sweet tune is a pure piano solo showcasing Olga’s talent and flawless technique for a hypnotic journey through a minimal yet spellbinding soundscape. “Trisology” quickly stood out as a favorite from the first time listening to the album with all of the captivating attributes of soft and dreamy cello and oboe underpinning the sweet piano melodies. “Sola Dryas” stands out as a sweet little celtic inspired tune with the addition of the flute / recorder as well as the oboe and cello with the inclusion of Beatriz’s haunting vocals. The album ebbs and flows over more masterpieces and finally comes to a close with “Hidden Faces” serving as a sort of finale with dark and ominous broken piano chords providing the backdrop for the somber cello and oboe, all building to a dynamic climax with the percussion adding the final punctuation to it all.

There you have it, another neo-classical masterpiece created in a way that is memorable and a new classic for our collection. Be sure to check it out, this is definitely something for fans to really enjoy.

Rating: 5/5