Upcoming news

There’s been a long time without posting any news here. I would like to clarify that I’ve never stopped making music and hopefully I never will. The last post was from 2016 so let’s summarize a bit. Between 2017 and 2021 I could not dedicate time to this project for several reasons, I was finishing my music studies and I had some other personal and work issues I had to focus on that left me no time for anything else.

At the beginning of 2022 the band came together again to perform live in Madrid. It was announced on the Spanish site. The following months after the performance I was working on its video / audio editing. You can watch almost the whole performance in this YouTube playlist. And some pictures below, too.

The following months I focused on composing, recording, producing and mixing songs.

Now I’m very happy to announce that I’m about to release a new album. It’s called Hiems Aeterna (Eternal Winter) and it has been entirely recorded and produced in my home studio. It will contain new compositions and the studio versions of some of the songs contained in our previous live album En Directo 2015.

It will be released on digital platforms (Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube Music, Amazon Music…) on 30th January 2023. CDs are falling out of use. However, I’m considering producing some hard copies as well, for the people who still prefer CDs and maybe for promotional use. If any of you would be interested in hard copies, I would love to know.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned 🙂


Some pictures of our performance on 28 January 2022 (click to full size):

Live in Espacio Ronda pictures

Some pictures of our last performance in Espacio Ronda. We will soon upload videos, too!

Live in Casa de Valencia (Madrid)

Some pictures of our live performance in Casa de Valencia (Madrid), on June, 11, 2015. Pics by VĂ­ctor Herrera.

Live at Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig)

Some pictures of our live performance at Wave Gotik Treffen, in Leipzig, Germany, on 27, May 2012:

Live in the Romanticism Museum (Madrid)

Some pictures of our live performance in the Romanticism National Museum, in Madrid, on October, 21, 2011:

Live in Ritmo y Compás (Madrid) pictures

Some pictures of our live performance in “Ritmo y Compás” (Madrid) on July, 24, 2011:

Live in Valencia (pictures)

Here’s some pictures of our live performance in Teatro de los Manantiales (Valencia, Spain), on May, 14, 2011: