About Aura Noctis

Short bio:

Olga - Aura Noctis playing piano. Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015 April
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

Aura Noctis is a Neoclassical / Darkwave project created by Olga B. García, from Spain, who started playing piano and composing at an early age. Since 2006 she’s been producing songs that would later be released in future albums, some of them were featured in radio podcasts, short films and other projects.

During 2011 and 2012 some contributing musicians joined the project and the first two albums ‘Itineris I’ and ‘Vitae Proelium’ were released by independent labels.

In 2015 a live performance album ‘En Directo 2015’ is released with new contributing musicians, featuring new unreleased compositions as well as previously released ones.

At the beginning of 2023, ‘Hiems Aeterna’ was released, a solo-produced album by Olga, and in 2024, ‘Solo Piano’ is released. Recorded in a studio with an acoustic piano, it features solo piano versions of previously released compositions.

Genre / Style:

Aura Noctis’ music, not easy to fit in any music genre, has been described in some press reviews as “melancholy neofolk / darkwave” (peek-a-boo magazine), “Neoclassical / Ethereal / Dark Wave” (heathenharvest.org), and related terms. Fans of Film Music, New Age, Heavenly Voices or Neoclassical music may also like it.

For our description we frame ourselves within the so-called Neoclassical DarkWave due to the similarity with other projects or bands classified in this genre, such as sToa.


2006 – 2009

The Aura Noctis project was created by Olga B. García in 2006. Between 2006 and 2009 she was producing songs and sharing them through platforms such as myspace or soundclick.

In 2007 she was asked to use her music in the Argentine animated short film “Otra vez la pelota al agua” (Cristian Gauna).

In 2008 she released “Hidden Faces“, a single in collaboration with Roger Subirana.

2010 – 2012

In 2010 Pilar Molina (cello, voices) joined the project. The songs were arranged for piano, cello and voices in order to be performed live.

In 2011, Aura Noctis’ first album, “Itineris I” (GH Records and Twilight Records) was released.

In 2011 Rubén G. (frame drum, flutes) joined. The group performed live in Valencia (Teatro de los Manantiales) and Madrid (Ritmo y Compás & Museum of Romanticism).

In 2012 Fernando (percussion) joined. They performed live in Madrid (Casa Encendida) and in Leipzig (Schaulpielhaus, at the Wave Gotik Treffen),

At the end of 2012 Carmen Ruiz (oboe) joined. They performed in Barcelona (Sala Demonix).

In December 2012 the second album “Vitae Proelium” (In the Morningside Records) was released.

2013 – 2014

The band breaks up. During those years, Olga was working on new compositions.

2015 – 2016

A new band is formed with Susana Rico on cello and Bea Tierno on vocals, as well as Carmen on oboe and Rubén on percussion, who had previously collaborated.

Carmen and Susana - Aura Noctis playing. Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015 April
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

The new band performs in Espacio Ronda – Madrid and releases an album performed entirely live, available both on CD and digital audio as well as on DVD (“En Directo 2015”, self-produced).

During 2015 and 2016 the group played live on several occasions in different venues in Madrid.

In 2016 the band is invited to perform at the event “La Noche de los Candiles”, in Almócita, Almería.

2017 – 2021

There is a break due to different circumstances that prevent Olga from dedicating time to the project.

2022 – 2024

In early 2022, the band reunites to perform at Espacio Ronda.

In addition to Susana on the cello and Carmen on the oboe, Sergi Perales joins in on percussion, replacing Rubén. Soprano Ana Rey joins as a guest vocalist, in addition to the usual collaboration with Bea.

Throughout 2022, Olga resumes music production, and in early 2023, she releases a new album titled “Hiems Aeterna” (Eternal Winter).

In 2023, the group presents a new concert. Mar Cabello debuts as the vocalist for the project.

In 2024, she releases ‘Solo Piano,’ recorded at Carlos Marques’ studio, featuring solo piano versions of previously published tracks.

Who’s Aura Noctis?

The musical composition and production is carried out by the founder of the project, Olga B. García.

The band for live performances currently consists of:

  • Olga: piano
  • Carmen Ruiz: oboe
  • Susana Rico: cello
  • Sergi Perales: frame drum
  • Mar Cabello / Bea Tierno: vocals
Aura Noctis 16/04/2023
Live en Espacio Ronda (2023). Olga – Carmen – Mar – Sergi – Susana

Other people who were previously involved in Aura Noctis are:

  • Pilar Molina (2010 – 2012): cello, vocals
  • Rubén G. (2011 – 2016): frame drum, flutes
  • Fernando (2012 – 2012): drums
Aura Noctis performing live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015, April.
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)
Aura Noctis playing live at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany, 2012.
Live at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (2012)
Aura Noctis playing live in Casa de Valencia, Madrid, Spain, 2015. Picture by Victor Herrera
Live in Casa de Valencia, Madrid (2015). Pic by Victor Herrera.