Bio / History:

Olga - Aura Noctis playing piano. Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015 April
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

The Aura Noctis project was created by Olga in 2006. Between 2006 and 2009 she was composing and producing songs that would later be released in future albums. Some were uploaded to the internet and received very good comments from listeners. Meanwhile she was also looking for a female vocalist and partner to join the project, in order to enhance it and to be able to play live. In late 2009 she was joined by Pilar (cello). They started to play together and share the project, for which Olga arranged her songs mainly for the cello and piano.

In 2011, a short EP and the first Aura Noctis album “Itineris I” were released (labels: GH Records, Twilight Records), receiving very positive press reviews. Rubén G. (drums & flutes) also joined. The band played live in Valencia (Teatro de los Manantiales) and Madrid (Ritmo y Compás & Museo del Romanticismo).

Carmen and Susana - Aura Noctis playing. Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015 April
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

In 2012 they were joined by others, first through Fernando (drums) and later on by Carmen (oboe). They played live in Madrid (Casa Encendida), in Leipzig (Schaulpielhaus, in Wave Gotik Treffen), and Barcelona (Sala Demonix). In late 2012 the second album “Vitae Proelium” was released (label: In the Morningside Records). At that time Aura Noctis was becoming something quite different from what was originally devised, so Olga decided to take a break and start over. During 2013 and 2015 she was working on new compositions and looking forward to form again a group for future concerts and recordings.

In 2015 the new (and much improved) band is formed and playing live the new compositions along with some old songs with new arrangements, achieving a really good sound thanks to the great musicians who make it up: Carmen (a professional oboist with extensive experience as an oboe soloist in orchestras, bands and chamber groups), Susana (a professional cellist with a background as a performer in the National Spanish Symphonic Orchestra), Beatriz (singer and songwriter for many years), Rubén (framedrum performer), and Olga (composer and piano performer).

Present Members / Collaborations:

Aura Noctis performing live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015, April.
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

– Olga (founder, 2006-): composition, piano, lyrics, arrangements…
– Carmen (2012-): oboe, flutes
– Susana (2015-): cello
– Beatriz (2015-): vocals, lyrics
– Rubén G. (2011-): drums

Past Members / Collaborations:

Aura Noctis playing live at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany, 2012.
Live at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (2012)

– Pilar (2010 – 2012): cello, vocals, lyrics
– Fernando: drums (collab, 2012-2012)
– Blanca (collab, 2011-): vocals

Music Style:

Aura Noctis playing live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain, 2015.
Live in Espacio Ronda, Madrid (2015)

It’s quite difficult to fit Aura Noctis’ music in any music genre. The style has been described in some press reviews as “melancholy neofolk / darkwave” (peek-a-boo magazine), “Neoclassical / Ethereal / Dark Wave” (, and related terms.

Some similar / related music genres could be:
Neoclassical / DarkWave,
Neoclassical / New Age,
Heavenly Voices,
Contemporary Instrumental,
New Age Piano,
Film Music, and so on.


Aura Noctis playing live in Casa de Valencia, Madrid, Spain, 2015. Picture by Victor Herrera
Live in Casa de Valencia, Madrid (2015). Pic by Victor Herrera.

GH Records,
Twilight Records: Itineris I (2011)
In the MorningSide Records: Vitae Proelium (2012)