Update to November 2023

If I had waited little longer, I would have let a year pass without updating this… πŸ˜…

The highlight of these past months was the concert we performed in April. At the end of this post, I’ll leave some pictures, and here you have a few videos:

As always, it’s an honor for me to be able to count on Carmen on the oboe and Susana on the cello, who create magic with their brilliant performances and build a great combination, both with each other and with the piano. The percussion adds the strength that the music demands at certain moments.

In this concert, Mar Cabello made her debut as a vocalist, and I hope this is the beginning of a long collaboration in the project. From the first minute, there has been a special connection, particularly in some songs like Stay, which seems directly composed for her voice. I hope to have her in future projects, both concerts and recordings. Bea was absent due to COVID and could not collaborate on this occasion.

Additionally, I will soon be offering a solo piano concert at the iconic Ateneo de Madrid, invited by a colleague from the Madrid Piano Meetups association.

As always, I continue to work on new compositions, although at the moment, I don’t have a date for upcoming releases (you can request to be notified if you wish).

Until next time πŸ™‚